Turandot, Luglio Musicale Trapanese, August 2015

"Gabrielle Mouhlen revealed
herself as a very proud princess, completely communicating the image of the
Princess who autodefines herself as : “I am not human”!  
Also vocally she appeared very appropriate for
the role: the dutch soprano was appreciated for her ringing sound and the
perfect modulation of the voice, without ever screaming
 like many others do to solve the high notes
that the part demands."

Domenico Gatto, Opera World


“Gabrielle Mouhlen, dutch
soprano with a beautiful stage presence, appeared very well in the role of
Turandot, especially for the security of her vocal technique; She always keeps a warm rounded sound that- thanks to
a excellent voice projection- always passes the dense orchestra, also in the
more extreme parts of the role.”


the surprise of the evening (..)  una Turandot
more than convincing.  Therefore we were
almost sorry for the choice of finishing the opera with the death of Liù. The voice of Gabrielle Mouhlen can count on the right extension
necessary to confront the vocal sabre thrusts of the Princess like a lioness
and with admirable precision: CHAPEAU!”

 L’Ape Musicale


beautiful, intense, impressive, with precise vocal technique, the Turandot of
the dutch soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen."

la Fata,
 La Notizia TV


Tosca, Teatro Ariston di Sanremo, aprile 2015

"That  evening revealed a very nice surprise for the
opera audience of Theatre Ariston. “The organization announces that the part of
Tosca will be replaced by the soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen”. Good news for the the
fans of the dutch soprano, who previously has had great successes in other
roles on the stage of Theatre Ariston. The melodies that were interpretated by the
gifted Gabrielle Mouhlen in duet with the bravo tenor Lorenzo Decaro, are full
of strong appassionate accents. The extreme pain of Tosca, before the tragic
finale, emerges in the touching aria “Vissi d’arte”. In this precise moment the
audience of the prestigious theatre exulted and emotionally appreciated the
voice of Mouhlen, donating a very warm and long applause”

Mariagrazia Bugnella, Bordighera TV

Tosca, Teatro San Matteo Piacenza, Decembre 2014
"Gabrielle Mouhlen, a brilliant Tosca.....Highly acclaimed Gabrielle Mouhlen, who sang the aria "Vissi d' arte, vissi d'amore" with great emotional involvement."
Cecilia Tirelli, La Cronaca

Turandot, Teatro Cantero Chiavari
"Gabrielle Mouhlen was a really appreciable Turandot, for her vocal abilities that are very appropriate for the part of Turandot, and for her strong stage presence. A surprise."
GB Opera Magazine

Turandot, Teatro Superga, Nichelino, Novembre 2014
"Great singer, gifted with a beautiful voice and a strong stage presence. She sang the impervious and very difficult part of Turandot in two consecutive evenings, without any sign of vocal fatigue. Besides, her beauty and stage presence -finally-give the idea why all those princes should come "to throw away their lifes": Maybe for a princess with her beauty and with her voice it's worth it to risk their heads."
Roberto Mastrosimone, Musica Classica

Il Trovatore, Fondazione Teatro Borgatti septembre 2014
"Gabrielle Mouhlen moved the audience to great emotions, with her dark voice, capable of wonderful pianissimi in the high notes".
La Nuova Ferrara

Turandot, Teatro Cantero, Chiavari
"I have already expressed admiration and delightful surprise for Gabrielle Mouhlen, a grand Odabella in Attila of two months ago. Seeing and hearing her again as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana was a real fortune. A real artist of great talent, with a superb voice and a powerful stage presence: I hope she wil become a constant presence in this theatre (although I wish her a brilliant and rich career, equal to her merits)."
Roberto Mastrosimone, Musica Classica 

Attila, Novembre 2013 
"Here is a name to remember: Gabrielle Mouhlen, dutch soprano, working often in Italy. She sang in a superb way the role of Odabella in Attila, which opened the 2013/2014 season of Teatro Superga. I have to admit that it has been a delightful surprise for me: knowing the difficulty of the soprano part in this opera I was almost prepared to use clemency and understanding towards the soprano who took on this vocal challenge. However..the moment I started listening to “Santo di patria indefinito amor!” I can hardly believe my ears, but the suprise didn’t end here: The aria that opened the first act was a real enchantment, that garnered a thunderous applause from the audience. Odabella was her debut: heavens!" 
Roberto Mastrosimone, Musica Classica 

Aida, August 2013, Theatre Ariston, Sanremo 
"The soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen in the role of Aida, an ethiopian slave, has interpreted the solitude with an intense dramatic tension, her touching and pure voice releasing a trace of mystery. In the second act, when Aida, Amneris, Radamès and Amanasro si incontrano, the beautiful face of the slave expresses suffering, Mouhlen is consumed by the fear to lose her loved one. Aida, opera of thousand forms, is considered by the critics a mixture of stiles. The character of Aida finds in Gabrielle Mouhlen a particular interpretation: not only she expresses with her agilità and vocal timbre her skills as a soprano, but she is a gifted actress as well. The dramatic scheme of the opera is timeless: the love triangle between Amneris, Aida and Radamès, the passion, the jealousy, Aida’s duty towards her father, involve the audience in a climate of tensions, played between Good and Evil. Aida interpreted by Gabrielle Mouhlen fully represents the Good and as a victim she expresses with an excellent singing her purity in the wonderful aria’s written by Giuseppe Verdi." Mariagrazia Bugnella, Bordighera TV 

Turandot, Florida, USA, February 2013 
"Seconds after Mouhlen took the stage and her voice filled the performance room, whispers of “ this is beautiful” could be heard from audience members. They couldn’t hold their applause during her second-act performance of “In questa reggia”, which garnered the largest crowd reaction of the night. She’s very majestic and regal. She’s perfect for the part of Turandot, not just for the voice but also for stature. She looks like the queen that ruled with an iron fist." 
The Villages Daily Sun 

Concert Volendams Operakoor, november 2012 
" ..she was replaced by Gabrielle Mouhlen. It turned out to be a wonderful surprise: Mouhlen has an impressively powerful dark soprano, that also reaches the high coloratures in a seemingly effortless way. ..she had a heavy role during the concert, but she was completely on top of it. Her interpretation of highlights from Norma sent shivers down the spine. And after her Cavatine from Ernani the public couldn’t hold their spontaneous “brava!” exclamations. A standing ovation was inevitable." 
Noord-Hollands Dagblad 

Giovanna d’Arco, april 2012 
"Gabrielle Mouhlen (Giovanna d’Arco) has everything in her voice and in her appearance to have a great future in store for her. Especially striking is the impressive beauty of her really high notes. She moves on stage in a natural and easy way". 

Ernani, Decembre 2012 
"Great succes sunday 9th of decembre with the opera “Ernani”, that opened the new opera season of the Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi. The title was eagerly awaited and the show lived up to the expectations. This new staging has offered a passionate and accurate interpretation of the Verdian drama and it’s musicodramatic expression. Stage presence and vocal skills of the singers fully expressed the dramatic characteristic wanted by Verdi. The challenging role of Elvira was taken on by the dutch soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen. Great interpretation of the role, showing off a beautiful timbre and the agility required in the rapid passages." 
Gazzetta di Mantova 

Recital Paramaribo, South America,Decembre 2012 
"Mouhlen rocks St. Rosakerk.. ...After a thundering applause and a standing ovation, Mouhlen sang the italian song: “Non to scordar di me”, which means:”Don’t forget me” . Looking at the audience reaction, she doesn’t have to worry about that!” 
De Ware tijd, Paramaribo 

La Traviata, Castellucchio 2012
"Violetta Valéry, performed magistrally by the soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen."
Gazzetta di Mantova

Recital, June 2011 
"The aria’s sung by la Mouhlen immediately put in evidence her extraordinary vocal abilities: the delight of a powerful, vigorous voice that is able to sound also light, graceful and delicate, a talent that was appreciated by the audience and underlined many times with enthousiastic applause. We definitely will hear more from this dutch artist." 
Sanremo News 

Requiem, may 2010 
"Beautiful singing of the soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen. She showed the powerful extension of her voice, that begged for comfort and eternal piece." 
Algemeen Dagblad